Anonymous Alerts, LLC Privacy Policy Overview

At Anonymous Alerts, LLC (AALLC), we respect the privacy needs of our clients, subscribers and business partners. We do not sell, share or rent this information to anyone outside AALLC. This Privacy Policy outlines what information is gathered on the various AALLC corporate web sites, which currently include AALLC is committed to protecting your privacy and it is very important to us. Please note that the AALLC Privacy Policy does not replace, change or supersede the privacy policies of our clients. Thank you for taking the time to review our Privacy Policy.


Our Client Data Policy:

Clients have complete ownership and rights to any of their data and information submitted to them through our mobile apps and hosted websites.

We collect, use, share, and retain student personal information only for purposes for which we were authorized by the educational institution/agency, teacher or the parent/student.

Anonymous Alerts® School District Hosted Forms: AALLC has implemented SSL technology on school district forms that it hosts for each School District. SSL technology ensures that your session is completely private and secure from both external systems and other customers using our system. School District’s have complete ownership and rights to their submitter data collected on these forms.


AALLC Corporate Web sites Information Collection and Use

AALLC collects and uses information about our customers and website visitors when you interact with us, when you use our products and services, and when you visit our websites.

This information is used to deliver, provide, and repair products or services; establish and maintain customer accounts and billing records; monitor website statistics; and manage and protect our networks.


Contact Us E-mail and/or Contact Us Form(s)

AALLC sometimes requires a user to provide contact and organization information by filling out one of its forms, mobile apps or sending an e-mail or message from our web sites or mobile apps.

AALLC is the sole owner of the information collected through the contact us forms on the corporate web site.


Web Site Log Files

AALLC collects anonymous information about visitors to our websites. AALLC uses IP addresses to administrate and monitor our web sites and collect data to analyze user trends and site usage. IP addresses are not linked to any personally identifiable information. AALLC collected information may include browser type, IP address, URL accessed, and traffic information.


AALLC displays links to other web sites and is not responsible for the privacy practices of these sites.


Third Parties

We only share student data with third parties that are consistent with our data policies.


Successor Entities

We will only contract or merge with future companies that are consistent with the Student Data Privacy Pledge principles. We will also allow users to have a choice whether to send information to the future entity.


Data Accessibility

We provide full data accessibility for educational entities and schools that are contracted with AALLC for access, review, and correction of student submitted reports to forward to parents and students.


Data Retention

AALLC retains information no longer than necessary to deliver services for school purposes with contracted educational entities and/or schools.


Personal Information

We do not sell student personal information.


Image and Video Files Uploaded for Incident Reports

Users may submit image and video files when submitting incident reports in the Anonymous Alerts web form and mobile app.  Users, please be aware that when images and video files are uploaded with an incident report, the image and/or video file is attached to that incident report information within the Anonymous Alerts system.  This information is only accessible and viewable by authorized users.


Web site Security

At AALLC, security is very important to us. AALLC has made substantial investments in our technology platforms. AALLC investments include routers, database applications, high-end servers, and security technologies.

We maintain a comprehensive security program that is reasonably designed to protect the security, privacy, confidentiality, and integrity of student personal information against risks – such as unauthorized access or use, or unintended or inappropriate disclosure – through the use of administrative, technological, and physical safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the information.


E-mail Opt-Outs

AALLC corporate e-mail communications that are sent have clear instructions on how to unsubscribe from future mailings. This can be accomplished by clicking on the unsubscribe link that is provided within an e-mail.


Anti-Spam Statement

AALLC ONLY practices and supports permission-based messaging and marketing practices; we do not send unsolicited e-mail.


Notification of Changes to our Privacy Policy

AALLC reserves the right to change its Privacy Policy at any time. We will post any Privacy Policy changes on our Privacy page. We also provide easy and prominent access to the privacy page on all login screens. We also provide a prominent statement on the website on the login screen following the change. After privacy changes are made, when required by law, we may notify you by email, and/or other means, with a link to our updated privacy statement for your review.

If users have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact us at:Anonymous Alerts, LLC
Attention: Privacy
245 Main Street, Suite 400
White Plains, NY 10601
Phone: (914)220-8326
Fax: (914)931-1638