Over 130 Texas school districts have partnered with Anonymous Alerts.
We help Texas schools to comply with David's Law

Anonymous Alerts® is the Gold Standard for Texas school districts since 2013. The Anonymous Alerts® system is a complete solution to fully comply with David's Law, on both the student end and administrative end. The systems are completely customizable to meet each Texas school district's individual requirements and needs.

We are empowering students to help themselves and others by using our leading edge, patented mobile apps technology ubiquitous throughout Texas.

The new law requires that by September 1, 2017, all districts in Texas must implement an anonymous reporting system for students to be able to report instances of bullying, cyberbullying, harassment and other student safety issues quickly to school officials.


  • Develop a system for students to anonymously report bullying/threats
  • Forward bullying incident to parents or guardians
  • Inform a parent of the alleged victim within 3 business days
  • Make available help/resource materials for students with mental health needs
  • Anonymous reporting system must be in both English and Spanish
  • Misdemeanor to electronically harass or bully anyone under the age of 18

Anonymous Alerts® has both mobile apps and web-based reporting options, both of which are available to students in English and Spanish. Students, parents and staff can download the Anonymous Alerts® app for free and gain access with a simple activation code to place reports directly to school officials. Anonymous Alerts® also contains a robust and fully customizable Help and Resources section for students, where educational links and custom content about bullying, cyber-harassment, and mental health needs are readily available to students.

Under David’s Law, schools are also required to take proper action in handling an incident of bullying or harassment. School officials receive the Anonymous Alerts® Incident Management® app to help them fully comply with David’s Law to track, log, take notes, reply to the submitter, forward an incident to a parent or law enforcement, and more.

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