As the academic year moves forward, schools around the country continue to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic and education operations. For schools instituting re-entry or hybrid setups, the main concern revolves around compliance and ensuring the health & safety of faculty, staff, administrators, students, and parents.


Our new COVID-19 QuickScreen Platform is a dynamic, intuitive COVID-19 screening, reporting, and notifications solution, made for K-12 schools that provides administrators with the ability to facilitate daily health status compliance for their students and employees based on CDC requirements for COVID-19 scenarios.

QuickScreen For Students And Staff:

  • Smart Button® Mobile App Screening
  • Hosted Web Form Screening

QuickScreen For School Administrators:

  • Send Unlimited COVID-19 Notifications & Reminder Notices
  • Simple Web-based Backend Search Engine
  • Download screening & tracking data in real-time

Additional Key Features:

  • Quickly receive and track daily results of COVID-19 screening data
  • Use organized data views and searches to maximize safety and productivity
  • Robust management risk assessment tools that illustrate health & safety
  • trends
  • Mobile and Web platforms to gather health screening compliance information
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