Smart Button and Alyssa's Law Compliance in New Jersey

K-12 Panic Alarm for Schools

The Smart Button® is an instant panic button app that fully complies with New Jersey's Alyssa's Law without using "old-school" physical hardware methods. New Jersey is the first state to pass Alyssa's Law, requiring schools to implement instant panic buttons that are directly linked to local law enforcement by December 1, 2019.

Alyssa's Law was named after 14-year-old Alyssa Alhadeff, who was tragically killed in the 2018 Parkland School Shooting. Her mother, Lori Alhadeff, has taken swift action in pushing the initiative to have schools adopt instant panic buttons to heighten schools' preparedness and emergency response times, with the goal of saving as many lives as possible.

What is the Smart Button?

Smart Button® technology connects schools, triage team(s) and law enforcement in real-time during a crisis situation. The Smart Button® mobile and desktop panic button apps are made available to administrators, faculty/staff and law enforcement, which strengthens and shortens response times to a crisis in comparison to traditional 911 methods.

  • Live connection with school building(s) in a crisis
  • Automatically inform triage team(s), real-time communications
  • Select to simultaneously inform Police and Fire of threat
  • Unified communications with building and all first responders
  • Incident mapping of building and room locations
  • Activate alerts from any computer or mobile device
  • Automatic alert notifications broadcast to computers and mobile devices
Organizations can use the Smart Button® system for drill exercises as a component of emergency response preparations for different situations.

Faculty and staff can:

  • Send panic button alerts to designated emergency contacts
  • Receive emergency messages to their phones or computers/laptops
  • Automatically send their location on a map
  • Unlimited user downloads

Emergency Procedures and Plans

  • Access emergency procedures directly from their smartphone or tablet
  • Access emergency building plans directly from their smartphone or tablet
  • Update and publish emergency procedures, 24/7
  • Fully customizable and secure

Emergency notifications

  • Send emergency push notifications to staff during a crisis
  • Create faculty and staff groups by campus or district-wide
  • Send mass emergency notifications to one or more groups at a time

In a crisis situation, school districts or schools can sharing information together on their computers, phones and/or forward incidents to law enforcement for immediate action.

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