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What is Anonymous Alerts?

Our anonymous reporting system enables students to anonymously report student bullying, behavioral, and/or campus safety concerns using our mobile or Web-based apps, 24/7. The Anonymous Alerts reporting mobile app for students is simple and intuitive for any age student to use. Students can submit anonymous tips and conduct anonymous two-way communications with administrators, counselors and/or safety personnel.

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Our anonymous reporting system empowers students or parents in the school community to anonymously submit secure tips about safety threats, bullying, alcohol or drug use, depression, self-harm and more to school administrators or counselors. Submitters can establish secure and private anonymous 2-way communications® with a school official to chat about an incident report submitted.

Students who See Something, Do Something® anonymously using our patented mobile applications and Web-based reporting system.

Anonymous Alert Reporting System


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Newtown Public School District Chooses Anonymous
Alerts Safety and Bullying Reporting App

Newtown Public Schools announces the implementation of a new state-of-the-art safety and bullying reporting app called Anonymous Alerts®. The app allows students, parents and other school personnel to maintain their confidentiality while calling attention to situations like bullying, safety concerns, student depression, drug and alcohol issues, family problems, or other situations that may warrant immediate attention by school officials.



"We have seen a significant drop in both bad behavior and safety concerns,
creating a more positive school climate."

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