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What is cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is defined as willful and repeated harm inflicted through the use of electronic devices including smartphones, computers, tablets as well as communication tools including social media sites, text messages, chat, and websites.

Cyberbullying can happen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and reach a student/child even when he or she is alone. It can happen any time of the day or night.

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How can Anonymous Alerts help reduce cyberbullying

  • Cyberbullying incidents can be anonymously submitted to administrators
  • Students can attach a computer or mobile app screenshot, chat screen etc.
  • Customize apps with your logo, incidents types and locations
  • Robust help and resources section lists additional resources
  • iPhone/iPad app available for download and reporting
  • Android App available for download and reporting
  • Chromebook App available for download and reporting
  • SSL encryption
Anonymous Alerts Web Reporting

Student can send cyberbullying reports from the Web

Students or parents in the school community can anonymously report cyberbullying, online harassment or through a custom branded website.

  • You link to our customized anonymous submission website
  • We can customize the site with your logo, incidents types, locations and more
  • Incidents can be anonymously submitted to school officials
  • Student can establish an anonymous 2-way communications with school official(s)
  • Students can attach a photo, screenshot or video with their report
  • SSL encryption

Anonymous Alerts® Incident Management® App

Anonymous Alerts Incident Management App

Administrator use

The Anonymous Alerts® Incident Management® App was designed for school campus officials to view, track and reply to any type of cyberbullying incident submitted by a student via the Anonymous Alerts student-reporting App and system. A campus official can also establish a anonymous 2-way dialogue/communications with a student or parent who has reported bullying, cyberbullying, gang-related issues, guns/weapons in schools and more which may warrant immediate attention by school officials. The system is simple and secure for campus official's use and is Patented.

Administrator capabilities

  • Conduct anonymous 2-way dialogue/communications with a student or parent
  • Receive incident reports in real-time from students or parents
  • Full note taking and tracking of each anonymous incident report
  • Forward incident reports to other school officials or police
  • Run analytics and trend reports
  • Other reports and capabilities available


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